CricHIIT can be a life-changing experience, see below what others have to say!


CricHIIT can be a life-changing experience, see below what others have to say!

Governing Bodies

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"Cricket Scotland's CricHIIT Online Course is a fantastic resource which leaves everyone who completes the 9 Modules well-equipped to deliver the CricHIIT programme to women and girls of all ages, catering to those of all athletic and cricket abilities and experience. This self-paced course covers every key area of being an excellent Activator-from safeguarding & inclusivity, to creating a welcoming environment, to having fun and improving your cricket skills. The CricHIIT Online Course is a first-class programme that all aspiring activators should get involved in to help promote Women & Girls cricket and physical activity."

ICC Global Development Team

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"CricHIIT is a super innovative, engaging and empowering experience both for the Activators and Participants. We have been so impressed with the level of interest, investment and hard work that has gone into creating and developing the programme by Cricket Scotland over the last few years and can't wait to work alongside them to make it a success in Ireland."


Susan - Activator, Forfarshire Cricket Club

"Try CricHIIT - you don't need to be fit, fast or know cricket. It doesn't matter if you don't get it right - if the only muscles you work out are the ones you use for laughing, then that's a great outcome! It's a fab way to build fitness, develop skills - and make connections. Our group started as individuals with no cricket skills and lots of sore tummy muscles from laughing - we now have a group of friends who confidently play softball tournaments and love training together every week."

Grace - Activator, Perth Doo'cot Cricket Club

“Being a sports student during the Covid pandemic has definitely not been easy when it comes to coaching experience. During lockdown I took it upon myself to try something new and complete the introductory cricket coaching course. I did not think that now I would be leading a fantastic group of local ladies in their cricket/CricHIIT club. The experience I have gained already has been great and I can’t wait to keep learning. I love a challenge and thanks to CricHIIT my skill asset has been pushed even more.”

Jo - Activator, Dumfries Cricket Club

"As a CricHIIT Activator I not only get to see those who come to sessions gaining confidence, learning new skills and getting fitter, I get to do this too! It's great seeing those who and are a little bit nervous and not sure they can do it leave knowing they can do it, and with a smile on their face!!"

Cricket Clubs

Carlton Cricket Club

"CricHIIT has brought lots of new faces to Carlton and we've found it a great way to introduce beginners to the game. It works brilliantly as a way to get the players motivated and ready to go."

Westquarter & Redding Cricket Club

“All 17 wanted to continue we are looking to run sessions all year round starting as soon as possible.”


“It was good fun, met great people, got myself more active.”

“Fun, sociable, energetic.”

“Friendly atmosphere, lots of like-minded people, exercises at a great level for me.”

“Exercising without realising it as it was so much fun.”